Charity Policies

Q: What do we mean when we say that 25% goes to charity?

A: 25% of actual sales less taxes, listing & shipping charges (if the item was sold online), and repair costs (if any) go to charity.  

Q: How do you determine which charity gets the money?

A: The donor chooses the charity that will receive 25%  charity.  

If the donor designates a charity that does not exist, an organization that is not a charity or a generic cause, we will do our best to assign the donation to a charity with a similar mission. For example, if you tell us that you'd like your donation to benefit animals, we might pick the Humane Society of North Texas to receive the proceeds from your donation.

In rare cases, some charities decline our payments. If a charity declines the payment, the funds will be assigned to a charity with a similar mission. Similarly, if a charity ceases to exist, the funds will be assigned to a charity with a similar mission.

If the donor does not specify any charity or cause preference, the proceeds will be given to the TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation. This charity takes things from Thrift for Good® that are usable but not worth selling and distributes them to local charities.   

Q: How do charities get their checks?

A: Charities are paid for items sold each month when the total is at least $50. If it is less than $50, we will wait until it reaches the $50. If the check is not cashed within 90 days, it may be cancelled, but will be reissued upon request.